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Welcome to the International Relations Office (IRO) of South East Europe Lumina University (UESEL), We, as the IRO, take part in the management of UESEL to help the internationalization process of the university and to support university-wide policies for researching and teaching partnerships throughout the world. Moreover, IRO supports an innovative approach to concept of education with very strong international collaborations and provides the students an international atmosphere. To maintain this target, our office establishes and strengthens effective partnerships and collaborations to enhance the international presence of UESEL. We seek the international cooperation with educational and research centers and support our staff and students taking part in international programs. We continue our services with the knowledge of the vital effect of internationalization on the reinforcement of intercultural dialogue as well as the realization and enrichment of lifelong learning activities and the belief in the significance of shared experience in this respect for people and institutions. Yours sincerely,

Selami Ahmet SALGÜR, Ph.D.
Head of the International Relations Office

Collaborations and Partnerships

Since 2010, Lumina - the University of South-East Europe has initiated a series cooperations and partnerships with companies from the private environment, institutions, organisations and last but not least other universities, along with which it wishes to develop educational activities and programmes for the benefit of students and teachers. These partnerships include:

  • agreements for the conduct of practical programmes for the students of Lumina University,
  • agreements for the conduct of student exchange programmes and exchanges of experience for teachers,
  • delimitation of the framework within which the signatory parties can develop actions and projects and organise events for educational, scientific and cultural purposes,
  • understandings for mutual support of activities that can contribute to the advancement of scientific research and progress of education.

Starting with the second year of studies all the students participate in practical trainings during which they have the opportunity to develop practical skills and specific competences related to their university specialisations by taking part in various activities in companies or specialised institutions. For instance, for the students of the Business Administration programme, our university has cooperation agreements with companies acknowledged in the financial field, among which Garanti Bank and Audit Business Consulting Rovio, while the Engineering Department has concluded a partnership with Siemens Romania, DigiSign and PSS-Prosoft Solutions. Students at the International Relations and European Studies programme can carry on their practical training at the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy under the Government of Romania, the Department for Interethnic Relations or in the Ministry of Labour. Among other partnerships very useful particularly for students include the partnership concluded with Lugera & Makler Romania, which is one of the largest companies in the country for the recruitment and placement of personnel, as well as the one concluded with the Romanian Federation of UNESCO Associations, Centres and Clubs, in cooperation with which our university has already organized the 3rd International Congress of European UNESCO Clubs, a cultural event where the students and professors of Lumina University were invited.

On the basis of signed agreements our partners offer the university the necessary support for organizing events of common interest (conferences, workshops, information campaigns, etc.) and for the organization of practice stages and internships (which may extend to 6 months) for our students. Other extremely useful agreements are those signed with other educational institutions, which offer us the opportunity to organise student exchange programmes and exchange of experience and scientific activities for the teachers. Hanze University Groningen from the Netherlands, the European University from Switzerland or Fatih University from Turkey are just some of the universities to which our students can apply starting with the second year of study in order to become part of a student exchange programme.

The university's partnerships extend from one year to another, as new companies and recognized institutions grant us confidence and support to conduct an educational process oriented towards performance.

#Educational Institutions signed Collaboration
1 Casa Corpului Didactic Tulcea
2 Colegiul Economic Viilor
3 Colegiul National "Aurel Vlaicu" Bucuresti
4 Colegiul National "Cantemir Voda"
5 Colegiul National "Grigore Moisil"
6 Colegiul National "Grigore Moisil"
7 Colegiul National "Mircea cel Batran" Constanta
8 Colegiul National "Sfantul Sava" Bucuresti
9 Colegiul National C. Cantacuzino Targoviste
10 Colegiul National C. Carabella Targoviste
11 Colegiul National Cantemir Voda
12 Colegiul National de Informatica Tudor Vianu
13 Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar
14 Colegiul National Grigore Moisil
15 Colegiul National Ienachita Vacarescu Targoviste
16 Colegiul National Iulia Hasdeu
17 Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu Constanta
18 Colegiul National Nichita Stanescu
19 Colegiul National Octav Onicescu
20 Colegiul National Sfantul Sava
21 Colegiul National Victor Babes
22 Colegiul tehnic Carol I
23 Colegiul Tehnic Costin D Nenitescu
24 Colegiul Tehnic de Posta si Telecomunicatii
25 Colegiul Tehnic Dimitrie Leonida
26 Colegiul Tehnic Media
27 Colegiul Tehnic Miron Nicolescu
28 Colegiul Tehnic Petru Maior
29 Colegiul Ugecom Spiru Haret
30 Fundatia pentru Educatie
31 Inspectoratul Scolar al Municipiului Bucuresti
32 International Computer School of Bucharest
33 International School of Bucharest
34 Liceul Alexandru Ioan Cuza
35 Liceul cu program sportiv "Mircea Eliade" Bucuresti
36 Liceul cu program sportiv "Mircea Eliade" Bucuresti
37 Liceul Tehnologic Dacia
38 Liceul Tehnologic de Metrologie Traian Vuia
39 Liceul Tehnologic Dimitrie Gusti
40 Liceul Tehnologic Th Pallady
41 Liceul Teoretic "Costin Nenitescu" Buzau
42 Liceul Teoretic "Ovidius" Constanta
43 Liceul Teoretic "Traian" Constanta
44 Liceul Teoretic C A Rosetti
45 Liceul Teoretic C-tin Brancoveanu
46 Liceul Teoretic cu Profil de Arte "Mihail Berezovschi"
47 Liceul Teoretic Eugen Lovinescu
48 Liceul Teoretic Eugen Lovinescu
49 Liceul Teoretic George Calinescu Bucuresti
50 Liceul Teoretic Ion Barbu
51 Liceul Teoretic Lucian Blaga
52 Liceul Teoretic Lucian Blaga
53 Liceul Teoretic Lucian Blaga
54 Liceul Teoretic Marin Preda
55 Liceul Teoretic Nichita Stanescu
56 Liceul Teoretic Petru Cercel Targoviste
57 Liceul Teoretic St Obreja
58 Liceul Teoretic Tudor Vladimirescu
59 Lumina Institutii de Invatamant SA
60 Ministerul Muncii
61 Ministerul pentru Societatea Informationala
62 Academia Tehnica Militara
63 Institutul de Economie Mondiala
64 Institutul de Lingvistica Iorgu Iordan - Al Rosetti
65 Institutul de Sociologie a Academiei Bucuresti
66 Institutul National de Recuperare, Medicina Fizica si Balneoclimatologie
67 Institutul National pentru Cercetare Dezvoltare in Ing Electrica INCDIE-ICPE
68 Universitatea Danubius Galati
69 Universitatea din Pitesti - Facultatea de Electronica, Comunicatii si Calculatoare
70 Universitatea Lucian Blaga
71 Universitatea Nationala de Aparare Carol I
72 Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca
73 Universitatea Titu Maiorescu
74 Universitatea Valahia din Targoviste
#Universities Signed CollaborationCountry
1Academia Tehnica MilitaraRomania
2Education Vermont USAUSA
3Epoka UniversityAlbania
4European UniversitySwitzerland
5Fatih UniversityTurkey
6Gediz UniversityTurkey
7Geneva Business SchoolItaly
8Hanze University GroningenNetherland
9Hesser CollegeUSA
10Institutul de Economie MondialaRomania
11Institutul de Lingvistica Iorgu Iordan - Al RosettiRomania
12Institutul de Sociologie a Academiei BucurestiRomania
13Institutul National de Recuperare, Medicina Fizica si BalneoclimatologieRomania
14Institutul National pentru Cercetare Dezvoltare in Ing Electrica INCDIE-ICPERomania
15International Burch UniversityBosnia-Herzegovina
16Meliksah UniversityTurkey
17Mevlana UniversityTurkey
18Nevsehir UniversityTurkey
19North American CollegeUSA
20QAFQAZ UniversityAzerbaijan
21Sakarya UniversityTurkey
22The International Black Sea UniversityGeorgia
23Universitatea Danubius GalatiRomania
24Universitatea de Stat din MoldovaMoldova
25Universitatea din Pitesti - Facultatea de Electronica, Comunicatii si CalculatoareRomania
26Universitatea Lucian BlagaRomania
27Universitatea Nationala de Aparare Carol IRomania
28Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-NapocaRomania
29Universitatea Titu MaiorescuRomania
30University of NisSerbia
31Education Vermont USAUSA
32Epoka UniversityAlbania
33European UniversitySwitzerland
34Fatih UniversityTurkey
35Gediz UniversityTurkey
36Geneva Business SchoolItaly
37Hanze University GroningenNetherland
38Hesser CollegeUSA
39International Burch UniversityBosnia-Herzegovina
40Meliksah UniversityTurkey
41Mevlana UniversityTurkey
42Nevsehir UniversityTurkey
43Nicolaus Copernicus University of TorunPoland
44North American CollegeUSA
45QAFQAZ UniversityAzerbaijan
46Sakarya UniversityTurkey
47Suleyman Demirel UniversityKazakhstan
48The International Black Sea UniversityGeorgia
49Universidad Autonoma de GuadalajaraMexico
50Universitatea de Stat din MoldovaMoldova
51University of NisSerbia
#Other Institutions / Companies signed collaboration
1Agentia de Cercetare pentru Tehnica si Tehnologii Militare
2AIESEC Bucuresti
3Alpha Pompe SRL
4Asociatia Foisorul de Foc
5Asociatia Mutatis Mutandis
6Atlas Corp S.R.L.
7Auto Safety Solutions
8Casa Corpului Didactic Tulcea
9Centrul Judetean de resurse si asistenta educationala
10Centrul Medical "Pop de Basesti"
11Chiajna Medical Center
12Comitetul National Paralimpic
14Crescendo International S.R.L.
15DigiSign S.A.
16Electrocentrale SA CTE Progresu
17Euro-Testing Software Solutions SRL
18Federatia Romana a Asociatiilor, Centrelor si cluburilor UNESCO
19Federatia Romana de Baschet
20Fundatia Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru
21Fundatia pentru Educatie
22Garanti Bank
23GMT Serv Grup SRL
24Guvernul Romaniei, Secretariatul General al Guvernului, Departamentul pentru Relatii Interetnice
25Hercul Trading
27Institutul National pentru Cercetare Dezvoltare in Ing Electrica INCDIE-ICPE
28Interactive Systems & Business Consulting
29Interactive Technical Services S.A.
30Lugera & Makler
31Mako Antique SRL
32Ministerul Muncii
33Ministerul pentru Societatea Informationala
34Netsec Interactive Solutions
35Primaria Mun. Bucuresti
36PSS - Prosoft Solutions S.R.L.
37Raiffeisen Bank
38Regia Autonoma de Transport in Comun Constanta
39Rohde & Schwartz Romania S.R.L.
40Romzaman Impex S.R.L
41SC Audit Business Consulting Rovio SRL
42Siemens Romania SRL
43Society of Turkish-American Scholars
44Sport Club Juventus
45Star Storage Company
46Theo Trans Network TN

Our University

Lumina – the University of South-East Europe was founded in 2010 as a result of preparations that lasted for nearly three years. The university opened its doors in October 2010, with four approved study programmes.


The Social Center, which includes a gymnasium with an indoor basketball court, a sports hall for gym and wrestling, as well as office premises and an ample space for students, called Student Corner, where they can spend their leisure time by playing table tennis, billiards, table ball or listening to music.


Computer laboratories are equipped with PC workstations using top technology, broadband Internet connection, projectors and air conditioning.


All classrooms and laboratories are air-conditioned and equipped with video-projectors, while some are also equipped with interactive boards to allow instructors to conduct non-linear and more appealing courses.


The library offers more that 5000 titles in all fields studied at the university.In the lecture room, students are granted access to the university's electronic libraries, which includes thousands of full-text articles on a variety of subjects.

The University Canteen

It is located on the ground floor and can seat 250 students at a time. The menu includes both fast-food and a-la-carte meals.

Fitness room

The university fitness room is equipped with modern equipment which allows the students to stay in shape by working different muscle groups.


The gym can host basketball games, football, handball and tennis leg. The gym is also dedicated to sports courses​.

About Romania

Romanian legend has it that the city of Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literarily means "joy."

Dambovita quai

Known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for the high life (which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris"), Bucharest, Romania's largest city and capital, is today a bustling metropolis.

Parliament Palace

Built by Communist Party leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, the colossal Parliament Palace (formerly known as the People's Palace) is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. It took 20,000 workers and 700 architects to build. The palace boasts 12 stories, 1,100 rooms, a 328-ft-long lobby and four underground levels, including an enormous nuclear bunker.

Museums. Parks. Surroundings.

Romania's capital is the city where you can find many interesting places full of history, culture and tradition. Visit museums, take a relaxing walk in the parks of Bucharest and let yourself fascinated by the historical city center!​

Explore the nature

Romania is a country full of wonderful places. Explore interesting and beautiful destinations in our country such as the Carpathian Mountains or the Black Sea. Cities as Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu will simply take your breath away with their beauty, history and castles.


Contact person: Dr. Selami Ahmet Salgur
Mobile: +40 749 199222
Adress: Șos. Colentina nr. 64b, Sector 2, 021187 București, România
Phone: +4 021 240 30 22
Fax: +4 021 240 30 33